Wolverhampton ABS Referral Form

You are making a referral to P3’s accommodation-based support service in Wolverhampton. We provide support and accommodation for people who are homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness. This form is intended for professionals making referrals on behalf of their clients. If you are referring yourself, please call Freephone 0800 107 6753 and ask for the P3 Navigator.

Who are you making a referral for?

Do they live in, or have a local connection to Wolverhampton?

We may still be able to provide support and/or accommodation.

In order to provide support and/or accommodation to individuals outside of the local authorities area, please provide information about why you feel this service is appropriate for the individuals needs.

Are they aged 18 years or over

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What best describes your current housing situation.

Are there any other organisations or professionals involved in supporting the individual?

Data Consent

If a different local service is identified as being suitable for your client’s housing needs or support requirements, P3 may need to discuss the referral with them. Please click the accept button below to confirm the individual you are referring has given their permission.

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